A Certified HunYuan Qi Therapist is part of the Zhineng Qigong HunYuan Qi System of healing recognized in China as the most advanced philosophy of healing. Master Yuantong Liu, along with organizer Britta Stalling, designed this training for students interested in learning some of the secret techniques of this system, integrating the application of the principles and laws of evolution, regeneration and wholistic well-being transformation.

Debra has been studying with Master Liu for many years and has assimilated his teachings of Zhineng Qigong Science and Certification in HunYuan Qi Therapy into a program of Zhineng Qigong Healing Therapy. Through remote sessions, Debra utilizes her knowledge and skills to enable one's individual healing capacity. Zhineng Qigong/HunYuan Qi Therapy is the pathway to discovering one's own inner self and healing potential. A Certified HunYuan Qi Therapist gives the individual the "boost" necessary to overcome disharmony in the spiritual, physical, and emotional systems thus balancing disorganized or "stagnant" energy (Qi) into organized energy, (Qi).

What is a remote healing?
You are in the comfort of your space, anywhere in the world, and I am in my space. We begin the session by connecting by phone or computer, to explore the client/student's requests. All details, explanations and questions are discussed. The treatment is best received in a quiet, space, with no phone, television or family member in the space, either sitting comfortably in a chair or lying down. During the session, the practitioner organizes a Qi Field, merging universal energy or "qi" with human "qi" transforming the dis-ease or disharmony into formless Qi, then using it to strengthen your life energy to change the function and organs of the body, whether physically, spiritually or emotionally. The student may experience a warmth, tingling, coolness or glowing inner radiance accompanied with a sense of complete peace, calmness, security and well-being. Many have reported extremely beneficial results. HunYuan Qi Therapy also works in conjunction with medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Students report the most complete benefit with a 45 minute treatment for the first session. Then, following up with three to four 30 minute sessions within a four week period, depending upon the initial results of the first session. Homework will be offered. This protocol allows the energy (qi) flow to continue working most effectively to transform the disorganized qi into organized qi resulting in complete wellness.

Why a remote healing?
I discovered during the pandemic crisis, that remote healing seemed to work more efficiently for my client/students than hands-on. This was a pleasant surprise. Allow me to briefly explain. When the facilitator is in the Qi Field, one can easily connect within the time/space continuum at the point where time and space meet. At this convergence, all is in perfect harmony. Thus, while working within this space we connect as One Essence, not as separate individuals. We become One Essence with all things. Within this moment of time and space much can transform, inviting complete healing. It is an exciting and noble endeavor for both facilitator and student.

Remote Healing Investment
First treatment - $75
Follow up 30 minute sessions - $40
Additional sessions if desired - $60

Please register for a session with Debra: [email protected]
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